Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Design Appreciation
The Ye-Zi car is a conceptual car design that is an electric car that charges its batteries with solar and wind energy(its wheels have space to allow wind to move is blades). The most attractive feature of the car is that it can generate oxygen from carbon dioxide in the air.
The house uses eco-friendly designs which placed at the right positions, makes the house stand out from the other houses in the area.
Windows used for general practice is good but when it comes to work, presentation, internet, windows is not comparable to a mac or linux because it can contract virus easily, crashes when it is used beyond its limits and most windows computers are cheap as their CPU processing speed is very slow.
The design of this stove has a cross and when something is being cooked in the middle section, it is hard for the user to reach for the sections at the back.

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